So, after tonight's "Talking Dead"...

None of us would-be-reviewers of the show have much on Yvette Nicole Brown. Still, my 2¢ after viewing tonight's episode (only once) are these:

  1. I'm so worried that tonight's flashback-heavy episode (& @YNB's observations on the two-fold symbolism of fire was impressive) is prepping us for Carol's death. As she was about to tell Daryl what happened with the girls, I was all, "Noooo—once you confess, you die! It's the corollary to teens or young adults having pre-marital sex in an '80s slasher flick."
  2. If Carol dies in next week's episode or in the mid-season finale, I'll experience what I should have experienced with Andrea's narrative arc, had the showrunners and writers known what to do with her TV character (consider how much of a bad-ass she is, still, in the comics).
  3. In any event, if Carol dies, the only solace, and such a pittance at that, will be in seeing Daryl go Legolas on the hospital staff.

To close, having read the comics since the start, when the TV series began I would have never imagined Carol as becoming one of the show's strongest, most resilient, most resourceful, and most compelling characters.

In other words, do NOT kill her off, Kirkman et al. She is easily as much as, if not arguably more of, a bad-ass than Michonne.

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